Straight lad from work in straitjacket

You know what it’s like when you waken up in morning and your not fully sure if last night was all a dream. Well it was like that for me, I was sure I had only been dreaming that I got a lad work in my straitjacket.

Here are some photos to show it did really happen!! Next time I need to aim to get him wearing a wetsuit :).

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  1. good on you gordon did you take advance of him when it in, i know you said he is straight but nowaday that does mean what it used to

  2. 😮

    How long did you have him like that for? He looks nice! *rawr* Pity he be a straight lad! Thanks Richard

  3. What’s the story here? How did the topic of being put in a straitjacket come up? I’m a straight guy and I would love to try out (try on?) a straitjacket, also sleepsack. But it’s a difficult thing to bring up in conversation with friends, etc.

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