Spider-Man suit outdoor photos

Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever wore the Spider-Man suit outdoors. Hope you like these two photos. If I get lots of good comments, I will take even more :).

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  1. Maybe one day you could wear it to go cycling or underneath your biker gear if you locked in the spider-man suit again. Would be nice to see this suit in a video again.

    1. Locking myself in the suit and going for a cycle would not really work. Since I would have to way to drink, which I do a lot when cycling. But I am sure I can get around to doing a vlog wearing it, sooner or later.

  2. You look amazing in the Spiderman suit. You have a great body. You really should take more pic in it. I like you both with and without the hood. Maybe you could be tied up in it.

  3. Hmm, perhaps you could go out for a walk in it too, but lock the zip before you leave home and not taking the key with you! Good photos mate! 😉

  4. two photos…is that all… i was hoping to fill an entire computer folder full so i can have them added to my ‘photo frame’ function on my ipad to watch whilst i sleep… please do more Gordan, pwetty please.

    1. Yes I was really enjoying it. Next time, I will need to make sure I am not wearing my cycling shorts under it.

  5. Since you all enjoyed looking at the first two photos, just posted even more from that set! 🙂

  6. Awesome, you have the perfect body for the Spidy suit. Natural light is good for the suit details..
    Thanks for posting

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