The sun is out to play, so is my Lycra

Since summer is back at long last, well in most of England anyway. Been told it’s still been raining up in Scotland. I have been out cycling in my sexy Lycra. So here are some photos, from the last couple of cycles.

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  1. You’re not the only one out and about in this delightful weather!

    In the last four days, if we exclude Wednesday as I was on a day out on the Isle of Wight… I’ve done over 160 miles.

    1. Very good going. What is your total at now for this month or do I not want to know??

      1. A total of 320.85, if my maths is right!

        Am certainly pushing my average speeds up too… which I am very pleased with.

  2. Gordon Lookin’ good in your ger in the sun. I spent some time out in the sun today in a lycra wrestling singlet loving the great summer weather here in Canada… I also love wearing it out in the rain as well. Happy cycling !!

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