Vlog: Yet another Adidas body suit vlog

Don’t really need to say much about this vlog, other than I am wearing the Adidas body suit.

5 Replies to “Vlog: Yet another Adidas body suit vlog”

  1. Gordon,

    Massive respect to you….. But, please go back to your short hair.. Not loving the locks 🙁 Other than that, perfect 😉 …. Love you loads, Gary from Cornwall x

    1. Sorry the longer hair is staying! Oh and where about’s in Cornwall do you live?

    1. Thanks! Glad someone likes it! Other than me of course. But it does need cutting back just a wee bit.

  2. Just going on that comment you said in the video of somebody putting you into it I would happy put you in any outfits you what me to you are very sexy whatever you wear

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