Boyfriend application form is back!!!

Just noticed that the world famous piss take boyfriend application form had stopped working! :(.

I am pleased to say it’s working again! You can now even send a face photo, when filling it out!

Bored? Then why not fill it out. Please remember it’s only a bit of fun. Then you never know, do YOU? It can be found at

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  1. Sorry Gordon nothing seems to be working , I have had problems with the server this end …. its so so slow and off for days at a time … so so boring …

    1. @ Andrew Davies Bulgaria:

      No wounder You are Using Firefox (engineered in 2006 & no longer supported !! ) while Firefox 13 stable is out (if detected correctly) ! Old Browser = normally Windows-User Problem -> exemplary good guy Gordon uses Seamonkey 2.10 from 06.06.2012 (today^^) πŸ™‚ & this Website even correctly detects experimental Opera-Next 12 with own symbol :yes:

      eventually “Old-Browser” page useful ^^



      should add Main-Hair length too in this form (Bald, Short, Medium (Gordon just within ^^), Shoulder length (Surfer), Long (Metal head), extreme long (Hair religion) -> actually asking Main hair color, beard & Hair @ Body

  2. I filled in the boyfriend forum twice in the past with no message from you not even a thank you for filling it in. So i unsure about filling it in again you, in my eyes you look like a perfect boyfriend and i would be very happy if you were mine.

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