5 Replies to “Vlog: What I look like after 60 miles of cycling”

  1. love see you when you cycle in the rain and your suits soakin wet,you ever get to cycle in long eaton you got pale blue suit?

  2. The HTC kit still looks good as new even after two years of having it!

    Sounds like that was a great 70 mile ride matey!

  3. Great to see another one of your cycling vlogs. I don’t know where you find the stamina! Yesterday evening I went out on the bike for the first time! I didn’t (and couldn’t!) equal your 70 miles….just a very gentle circuit or two around Harrogate’s Stray…….but the main thing is – I enjoyed it! AND I did see a few fit cyclists! Thanks for posting. I like your kit, by the way. 🙂

    1. Come on, if I was watching a “hot” lad wearing sexy Lycra, no way, I could be good!

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