5 Replies to “Vlog: Pick my cycling gear”

  1. Hi Gordon , I read earlier this week that you may close the site , I know I am new to you , it would be a shame to close down , you never know things might improve I do enjoy your Emails , I try to watch the films you post , its a busy time for me just now , I am have a cycling break soon from Varna to Sunny beach on the Black sea not too hilly 150 km,s or so , will try to post a film of it . Bset wishes ……… Andrew Bulgaria .

  2. You were wearing my favourite! It looks very smart and….erm…sexy too! Great !! 🙂

    I hope you manage to solve the problems you’re having. I’m no computer whizz kid, as you know – but what I don’t understand is why anyone should WANT to get you off line. Are some people that malicious? Jeez!!!

    1. Very nice, as always G.

      I too share the view of Steve in comment #3. Who would deliberately want to take you offline? Unless they were somewhat jealous of your success, perhaps!

      I think, next you need to dig out the Sparkasse kit; we haven’t seen that in a while!

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