Vlog: Walking up Earl’s Seat

Neil and myself walking from Killearn up to Earl’s Seat, the highest of the Campsie Fells which are a range of hills in central Scotland. During the walk, you get to see great views of Glasgow, Dumgoyne, Loch Lomond and where the lowlands turn into the highlands.

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  1. Wow. I wouldn’t mind a walk ‘Up The Fells’!!! Might have to get some decent walking boots, as I don’t think trainers would be suitable!

    This just puts walking the South Downs Way, from Winchester to Eastbourne, right in to the shade!

    Thanks to Neil, and yourself G, for showing is parts of Scotland you don’t see that often!

  2. And you grew up THERE? What an awe-inspiring place! It must have left its mark on you.The feeling of peace and solitude must be wonderful. A visit to the Highlands is now on my “to do” list. But Edinburgh “a dump” ? Oh, you can’t mean that, surely? I always love visiting “Old Reekie”! But next time I visit there I’m definitely going over to Glasgow to take a look for myself.Thanks SO much for all the time and effort you’re putting into these vlogs. It really is appreciated.

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