Vlog: Duke’s Pass & Loch Katrine cycle

Welcome to what is now my longest ever vlog. It was filmed around the Duke’s Pass & Loch Katrine. See post Duke’s Pass and Loch Katrine loop cycle (07/05/2012) for the route of the cycle. Also check out www.gordon-valentine.com/aboutme/vlog-locations/centred-around-killearn/ to see the locations I filmed this vlog.

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  1. This was so enjoyable! The scenery is amazing! I’ve done quite a bit of walking in the Lake District – but your neck of the woods is so quiet and peaceful – not a soul in sight. You ought to get paid by the Scottish Tourist Association – you’ve certainly sold Scotland to me! Thanks for posting – and keep ’em coming! 🙂

    1. It’s normally a lot busier than that. All the rain keep most of the people away. I also did met lots and lots of people going the other way. Maybe you should tell the Scottish Tourist Association about the vlog and see what they say :).

  2. Amazing vlog! Loved watching every second of it. You do have some lovely countryside right on your doorstep. A very big thank you must be given G, for the huge amount of time and effort put into editing and uploading this vlog.

    Just makes me want to chuck the bike on the train and head up there, right now!

  3. Great Vlog Gordon! It nice to see not everybody is tottaly organised, yet still makes it through to the end. Looks like you had some great views to look at along the way! 🙂 Don’t worry about not many people commenting yet, Im sure they will.
    Thanks again G,
    L G.

    1. Yes I had some great views! Just wish it had not rained just about all the time, so I could have taken lots of photos. There is always next time!

      Yep I am sure more people will comment given time, well I hope so anyway!! x

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