Went over monthly bandwidth allocation

My website went over it’s monthly bandwidth allocation for the first time! Which is BAD news. My monthly bandwidth allocation is 20 GB. In April the website used 25.83 GB. So I ended up paying an extra £5 this month, so cover the cost of the extra bandwidth. Which is a lot, since I only pay £3.95 a month to host this website. Most of that extra bandwidth has come from a SPAM website. Hoping I have now blocked traffic coming from that host. I don’t have the money to pay an extra £5 a month, if it goes over like it did last month.

Below is a graph showing the total bandwidth used in April 2012.

So in some said news, to try to save some bandwidth. I have had to make lots of the photos smaller again. I had been uploaded the new photos at 1,920 x 1,080. I have just re-sized them all back to the normal 1,000 x 750.

If that, does not do the job. May have to remove the wallpaper, since that does use a far bit of bandwidth.

I will keep you all updated on this…

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  1. I was really interested in this because I’ve been going over my Broadband allocation by as much as £15 a month. My computer has been “playing up”, so I took it to the PC shop. They told me that it’s getting a bit old now and is “slowing down.” Could this be why I’m using up my allocation so fast? I’m a bit dumb when it comes to this sort of thing. I visit your website a lot (!!!) but can’t understand why I get through my allocation so quickly. Maybe I need to invest in a new PC. 🙁
    £3.95 is pretty good for hosting your website – it gives us all so much pleasure and enjoyment! 🙂

  2. I too have a 20GB usage allowance, last month I used 27GB, so have to pay an extra £10!

    Steve, I doubt its your computer that is eating up your allowance. I know I use the internet a heck of a lot more now. We’ll just have to restrict ourselves… somehow.

    Yes, G, that’s excellent value for web-space these days and I would agree that having come across this site and being able to chat to you G, is probably one of the top 3 best things that I have found on the net!

    1. Thanks for the comment/advice BlondGuppy. Yes….We’ll have to be more selective and cut back a bit…..but NOT on GSV TV !!!

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