Yet another wetsuit cycle. Got to love the British weather

Yet another wetsuit cycle. Hope you are not getting bored of all these wetsuit photos. Maybe when the weather is better, I need to do a cycle wearing my Spider-Man suit :).

More photos from this set can be found @

6 Replies to “Yet another wetsuit cycle. Got to love the British weather”

  1. Poor Gordon , You really must move out here , its been 25c. every day for a week , and a great thunderstorm last night , onr great bike ride is up Shipka pass rising up to 1200 metres above sea level , at the moment on the road side its 2m high with snow , but by July its all melted . best wishes ………… Andrew .

  2. I’m not sure about the Spider-Man suit. It’s a full outfit, isn’t it? We wouldn’t be able to see your face! I do like the new photos. 🙂

  3. Very nice pics G… I do like the colour variety from the background, plus the green next to the black wetsuit, really does draw the view towards you!

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