Poll: What should I wear in my next vlog?

I have just added a new poll. Which can be found on the top right of each page. This poll is about, what should I wear in my next vlog?

You can vote from three of the following:-

  • Biker leathers
  • Cycling gear (Lycra)
  • Gas mask
  • Handcuffs
  • Neoprene Sleepsack
  • Straitjacket
  • Wetsuit

11 Replies to “Poll: What should I wear in my next vlog?”

    1. Guessing you have never see photos of the sleep sack. It’s very, very tight. So no way, you would ever get leathers on.

  1. Wetsuit covered by leathers with handcuffs on outside. Let us see you put it all on and get out of it.

  2. Oooh, tough choices… too much that I like matey!

    What about doing a wetsuit in the sleepsack and outdoors too, with the S10 gas mask… please?

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