Vlog: Cycling in Twyford Wood

Yep, yet another vlog. I hope you are not starting to get bored of these! This one was filmed in Twyford Wood, which is a former World War II airfield.

To give you all something to look at, I am wearing the Nalini Columbia Highroad Team jersey and shorts.

2 Replies to “Vlog: Cycling in Twyford Wood”

  1. Not boring at all! It’s really interesting to see you filming in the places you know so well. It makes these latest vlogs seem much more personal – showing the map and the Garmin Edge etc. Of course, the jersey and shorts add something too! 🙂

  2. I could never get bored watching your videos, or chatting to you. Looks a nice place to go that old WW2 airfield.

    Oh, and looking great in the HTC kit too! 😉

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