Vlog: Garmin Edge 705 GPS and Lycra

Another cycle vlog filmed next to the ECML. This time I am wearing the Agu Rabobank Team cycling kit, while talking about my Garmin Edge 705 GPS and some other boring stuff.

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  1. This vlog was really interesting. Thanks for explaining how your Garmin Edge works. I’ve often wondered about it and now I’m a little wiser. You look really smart in your Rabobank cycling kit and…erm…sexy too! Great as always! 🙂

  2. And another superb episode from GSV-TV! 😛

    I do like the Rabobank kit you have, have just ordered some kit to match my bike too, so will be a wee while before I buy any more Lycra!

    Thanks again G, nice explanation of the GPS… even mine, as you know gives odd elevations at times.

  3. I am starting to get really back into vlogging again. Done a record number so far this year.

    If you have any ideas for what to chat about next, then please let me know! 🙂

    1. Excellent matey… I think a good topic to chat about would be about the routes you use while out on the bike, your favourite routes and why you like them. Perhaps split the routes into different vlogs and… perhaps wear different kit each time?

  4. Yes, this is a good idea. I know Stamford quite well, but not the surrounding countryside. Also…..I don’t think I’ve ever read on your website how it was that you started cycling and how old you were when you got your first bike. It is such an important part of your life, I’d be interested to know.

    1. Just made me think about something else for a vlog subject… bikes you have had in the past!

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