Website changes

I have just made some small website changes. I have added a GetGlue widget, to the right-hand side widget bar.

Also made some small changes to my twitter feed. I have stopped GetGlue from posting to it. Since my whole feed was getting filled up with very boring GetGlue checkins.

4 Replies to “Website changes”

  1. I was really sorry to hear about your trouble with the HD camcorder, Gordon. These people are scum. Don’t write it off…….go to the police. Hope it all works out well.

    1. I have been told I will be getting my money back. Just not to sure when. Then I will reorder it again, with someone else. Bad thing the price of it has gone up again :(.

  2. This is good news. Sorry you’re going to have to pay more….but when you get your money back, all will be well again. Great news on the bike front, by the way!

    1. Happy days, just had a email saying it’s been dispatched! Should have it in the next number of days :).

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