Ideas for new vlog needed!

I am in need of ideas for what I should do in my next vlog. Anything you would like me to speak about or even wear? Please post your ideas here!! :).

I really want my first HD vlog to be one of my best ever!!

6 Replies to “Ideas for new vlog needed!”

  1. How about an HD gear tour – take us through all your gear and outfits – when you got it, where you’ve worn it, why you like it. Then cut to you modelling it, then the next outfit!

    1. Great idea. Only bad thing, would mean lots and lots of video editing. Which is something, I have never fully got my head around :(.

  2. Do like the idea of the Gear ‘library’ so to speak… am sure you will think of some other things or other readers/viewers will have ideas!

  3. Well you all have lots and lots of time to get thinking of ideas. Don’t think it will turn up, till Friday next week at the soonish :(.

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