Bike gone in for a service

At long last my bike has gone to Terry Wright Cycles for a much needed service. Turns out he’s not had a service since Monday – 20th December 2010. Just really hope it’s does not cost anywhere near as much, as last time. when it set me back £277.69. I am hoping more around to £100 to £150 this time. It will be great to have fully working breaks and gears again. It had gotten to the stage where my back break did not work at all. And my front break was getting ready to also give up :(.

Oh and in other news, at long last I have sent off my passport application form. Since I am going to my big brothers wedding in Cyprus during September.

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  1. Great G… bet your bike is thinking about time too! I hope it does not cost too much G. Once you have it back, you’ll be able to do some really nice rides with lots of hills!

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