Knowing bug in the photo search system

I am sure by now, some of you will have found this bug. When using the photo gallery section on this website, if you use the search option. Do a search for let’s say “cycling gear” it will show all the related photos. If you click on one, it will also display page title and nothing else :(.

I have been in contact with zenphoto they are working on a bug fix as we speak!

I will let you know once it’s been fixed!

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  1. The search function seems to work fine! But one thing I have noticed, is when I click on the ‘Image Info’ link, that does not work, it seems to return to the top of the page that is being viewed! I’ve checked it with the five latest pics and a few random ones, but seems to be the same.

    1. The search function is now working again. After zenphoto did a bug fix. I now need to find out what’s killed the ‘Image Info’ link. I will keep you updated.

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