Cycle goals for 2012

Last year my main cycling goal was to do 5,000 miles. Which I am pleased to say I did. This year I have set myself lots of smaller goals.

Here is a list of them. I am sure this list will just grow and grow.

  • Cycle at least 4,500 miles this year.
  • Do at least two 100 mile bike rides.
  • Aim for a 125 mile one.
  • Set off on a cycle every hour between 9am and 11pm.
  • Beat every months longest cycle, that I set last year.
  • Do the Rest and Be Thankful road (A83) in Scotland.

If you have set any cycling goals this year, I would love to hear about them. Add your comments to this post PLEASE :).

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  1. I’ve just signed up to do the London to Brighton ride this year. Means I’m going to have to get out on the bike this year. I can’t wait. I wish I could do what you do, but start with little steps. I know you’ll reach your goal.

  2. Some really nice goals there G and I hope you achieve them all, if not others you think of!

    For me, I have set these goals:

    Cycle 3,500 miles this year
    Do 125 miles in under 12 hours
    Do 6 rides of between 40 miles and 70 miles
    Do a regular circuit as often as possible and keep trying to better the timing on each.
    Keep improving my average speeds [in fact its up from 10.2mph to 11.8mph in six months]
    Find other routes and places to cycle to rather than keep doing the same ones that I know.

    Smash my all time fastest speed of 41.2mph

    I think that should do… plenty to keep me occupied! I’ll keep you updated… 😉 Good Luck G!

  3. My goals are:

    1. To buy a bike. I’m sorry to say I’m not a cyclist but the comments I read on here have made me feel enthusiastic about getting one.

    2. To set myself realistic targets – have a destination in mind and to build up gradually. I also hope it will help me to stay fit and healthy.

    I don’t do enough exercise – and I hate jogging.

    1. Goal one is get a bike is very good start. You need to add getting cycling gear to that list.

      I hate jogging 2. Only time I jog or run is when crossing the road and worried I am about to get ran over.

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