Got Freesat? Then here is some great news :)

Great news for anyone like myself living in the UK, who’s got Freeesat. They are adding another 5 channels to their line up :).

The extra channels are Channel 5 +1 (128), 5USA (129), 5USA +1 (130), 5* (131) and 5* +1 (132).

I have no idea why people pay $ky lots and lots of money, when you can have Freeesat for nothing and it’s even got 5 free HD channels.

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    1. You will find with $ky you needed you viewing card. Which you have to pay for, so not really free. Also you only get Channel 5 + 1 on Freeview and not the other ones. Plus the picture is normally better on Freesat, well better than Freeview anyway.

      Also Freesat is better than $ky since it’s got the iPlayer on it.

  1. Was delighted to discover this tonight Gordon. I’m with you on the whole Freesat thing. Where I live, even now the analogue signal has been turned off, I still struggle to get many channels on Freeview. An old dish on the front of the house from the previous occupants gave me the solution.

    Now, I wonder if there is anything on to watch?

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