5,000 miles! Job done :)

I am, so pleased with myself. I have just, only gone and cycled 5,000 miles this year. Which was my goal for the year. Meaning I have done a whole 1,000 more miles this year, than I did last year (2010). Before anyone asks. No I will not be setting a goal of 6,000 miles for next year.

Since it was a bit on the cold side. I did the last 25.5 miles that I needed to do wearing a wetsuit. A photo of me geared up can be see to the right. More from the set can be found @ www.gordon-valentine.com/zenphoto/me/2011/page/18/.

I will leave you with cycling statistics from today’s ride.

  • Distance: 25.67 miles.
  • Time: 1:59:47 (h:m:s).
  • Avg Speed: 12.9 mph.
  • Max Speed: 25.5 mph.
  • Elevation Gain: 220 meters.

Data from: Garmin Connect.

10 Replies to “5,000 miles! Job done :)”

  1. Well done Gordon! A fantastic achievement! I am really happy for you. You set yourself a goal- and you reached it. Now celebrate……..go out for a nice meal! Or treat yourself to a well deserved present.

      1. Say what!?! I never knew that! Now, if you could only drive on the side of the road…

        Why are you even part of the EU? Different currency, miles not km, left sided driving and no Eurail pass(this being the worst offense).

        1. I often ask myself why we are part of the EU. I am sure lots of people here, ask the same thing.

          So glad we never joined the Euro and hope we never do.

          Can’t comment on the Eurail pass, since I have no idea what it even is.

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