RST Delta Gloves on the way

At long, long last I have got around to ordering gloves to go with the rest of my motorbike gear. I have just ordered some RST Delta Gloves, which are of course blue, to go with the rest of the gear.

I am getting them from since I know they offer a good service. Got all my other biker gear from them.

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  1. I’m looking foward to seeing any new photos of you in the complete gear. Also…..good luck with your cycling. Let’s hope for lots of mild weather.

    1. I will make sure I get lots of photos taken when the gloves turn up. Oh and did 28.30 miles on the bike, so only got 344.6 more to go. Weather is looking go for the rest of this week. So should get that well below 300 before the week is out.

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