Police investigate ‘horrific’ death of gay man

I could not believe this when, I first read about it on twitter. I was sure someone much have been making it up. Since I could not find anything about it on the BBC news, or Sky news websites. I was really hoping it was made up. Then the gay press started to report it, so it had to be true.

Here is the a section of the news article from the Pink News website.

“Police are investigating the brutal killing of a gay man in Ayshire, Scotland.

Stuart Walker, 28, from Cumnock, was found dead with “horrific injuries” close to Caponacre Industrial Estate, Cumnock, just before 5am on Saturday.

He had been beaten, tied to a lamppost and burned.

There has been speculation that Mr Walker was killed because of his sexuality and police are investigating this theory.”

Read the full article here: www.pinknews.co.uk/2011/10/24/police-investigate-horrific-death-of-gay-man/.

Makes me feel sick, when I read things like this. How can someone hate someone, so much since because of there sexuality? Hope they find the person/people that did this. And lock them up for good.

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  1. Indeed G. Absolutely horrid. Makes me wonder just how low people can sink in society to do this sort of thing. I’ve also read the news too and there is a lot of speculation about what the motive was.

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