First full day in Scoland

Well OK, maybe not the best blog title in the world. Since it may make you think it’s my first every full day in Scotland. Which of course it’s not, since I grow up here. It’s just my first full day here, since driving up on Sunday.

So what have I done today then? Well not really that much, since it’s been wet and windy just about all day. Then it’s Scotland so of course it’s going to be wet. Half washing I had taken a wetsuit up with me!

Over all it’s been a good day. Went into town my Dad and Mum. First time I had been out a good run in there new car. Really like it, still find it weird, when having a 4×4, since they have never had one before. We went to a shop called GO Outdoors. Which I am sure you can tell by the the name sells outdoors stuff. So I get myself some walking boots, which my Mum and Dad, paid for as part of my birthday :).

Once back home to Killearn. I spend most of the evening, just playing around on the net. Yes nothing new there at all. And watching the first series of Torchwood, seen it before. But only when it was on TV. Back then I did not have Freeview HD or Freesat HD. So watching it on blu-ray is so much better. I watched the first 5 episodes. I will no doubt end up watching the rest tomorrow evening.

So that was my first day in Scotland. Tomorrow should be better, since I am meeting up with a friend from my Balfron High School days and going to look around the Glasgow transport museum.

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun! Must visit the Transport Museum soon, bet it is much better than the old one!

    1. Very glad I went to see if. But think I liked the old one a lot more. It’s lot the feeling of the old one.

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