Got twitter? Then you may want to follow…

If you have twitter, I would get following… this week…

  • TourofBritain – the UK’s version of the Tour de France. It’s on all this week.
  • SkodaUKCycling – Live news & views from the official car partner for the Tour of Britain 2011.
  • Swiftybswift – Team Sky professional and 2008 Beijing Olympian. Very fit to :).

Yes they are all cycling ones. Then I do love cycling, so I am sure you will let me off!

Please also follow me! @ gsvalentine.

2 Replies to “Got twitter? Then you may want to follow…”

  1. Regretfully, I do not use twitter, but I should be able to see some of the highlights from the event. I hope the bad weather isn’t affecting them too much.

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