4 Replies to “Vlog: Cycling in a wetsuit”

  1. Fun video i have to say, cool swing you In a wetsuit, maybe the next will be that we see you do the same in your mc gear, that would be hot hot hot

  2. what can i say, loved the vid, but then again, anything with you in a hot Orca suit like that makes me have naughty thoughts… So wanting to come over to the UK for the festish week but can’t this year… hoping to make it next year and maybe find time to even meet you in person …. 🙂
    hope ur doing great….
    m-a-a in DC

  3. Hmm…. how about freezing the bottle overnight, so that its really cold, should you need to pour it over yourself when you next go out in a wetsuit on the bike?

    Great Vlog!

  4. Hi Gordon,

    Was just curious, I would love to get a Orca wetsuit with that little white Orca fin design on the leg, rest all black. Went to the orca website to find it and couldn’t? Noticed you have one, are they discontinued? Would u know?
    If u could help, I’d love to assstance.
    Oh and by the way, Happy Fetish week. I know Recon is having events over in Lodon. So, wish I could come over, ane maybe meet you and have some wetsuit fun, maybe next year?
    Feel free to freind me on facebook or just e-mail me back at “alwnk13@hotmail.com”. If u know abou the Orca question… thanks, m-a-a
    Still love the vid….

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