Had a fun filled day in Cambridge

Oh dear, oh dear, I have gone back into my bad old ways and not been getting this website up-to-date again. When I do it, please will you all tell me off! Then maybe that way, I will keep it updated more.

So now on with today’s news. I went down to Cambridge to see my friends Jaco and Namir. We all had a great time, first we all went into Cambridge City centre to get some food. We went to Pizza Hut. Then I am sure if you follow me on twitter, you will know that, with all the foursquare updates I was posting to it. The food in Pizza Hut was lot better than it was the last time I went, but the service was still a bit on the shit time. So no tip for them at all.hen after food, we all went a nice walk around Cambridge. We were all good and did not buy anything at all.

Then it was back to there place, to just chill out, chat and watch TV.

It was a great day, thanks so much to Jaco and Namir for putting up with me for the day :).

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