Going to try only to cycle everywhere in June

I have just set myself a new goal for this year and that is not 2 use my car once in the whole of June. Going to try to cycle everywhere, right now it costs around £40 every two weeks on fuel, just getting to and from work and doing my weekly shopping. So in other words around £100 every month on fuel. That’s with the fuel prices at the “low” £131.9 they are at now. By June I bet it will be around £140.9 is not higher.

Do you think I can do it?? Comment below….

5 Replies to “Going to try only to cycle everywhere in June”

  1. Go for it matey! I am sure you can rise to the challenge and beat it!

    I have hope for you! 😉 xx

  2. good for you Gordon a few more other people in the country should try it & screw this goverment UP

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