Rutland Water and birthday dinner with a mate

It’s been another fun fill day.  Got around of bed around 11:00am, showed then sorted out going a cycle around Rutland Water with my mate Rich. It also happens to be his birthday, so happy birthday Rich. I set off my by house to Rutland at around 12:10pm and get to Rutland Water around 1pm, where Rich was waiting for me. He always drivers there since he lives in Peterborough, I cycle there to get my cycling miles up, it also saves me money on fuel. It was great cycle, we both got covered head-to-toe in mud. So did this dog, who also come with me. She did very well to do the whole 15+ miles with us.

The cycle took me 3:30.37 (h:m:s) which is not the best time in the world, could not go very fast doing the Rutland Water section, due to having the dog with us.  The distance was 38.11 miles, making it the longest cycle of the year. Just beating the one, I did on Valentine’s Day.

Once I got back home, I had a quick bite to eat. And another wash. Then I set off in to Peterborough to meet up with Rich and some of his mates for his birthday meal. We went to East, which is a Oriental restaurant. The food and service were both great. I so would go there again. Everyone had a great time. It was also great to get to see my wife 🙂

Oh and one more thing before I go, my motorcycle helmet turned up, I will get photos of me wearing it this weekend at some point 🙂

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    1. Errrrr!!!??? Well, I… ? HELP!

      I hope that really was a joke… You’re getting good at leaving me lost for words! Changes the whole perspective now. 😉

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