Just set another personal best…

Yesterday I just set another best on the bike, just done the most miles I have ever done in any February, well since 2003. Then I started to keep a full record of how many miles I am doing.  So far I have done 127.9 miles, beating my record that I set in 2009. I also have done the longest cycle of the end so far… I did 38.03 miles, in other words more miles in one day, than I did in the whole of February last year.

The cycle was to Rutland Water, were I meet up with a good mate called Rich, then we both cycled around it. Then after I cycled back home. Calling in a nice pub on the way back with Rich, who drove there.

So I am also well on the way to doing 1,00 miles, which I have to do by mid-April. Done 483.5, so leaving 516.5 more to go…


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  1. I think you’re well on your way to getting 1,000 miles under the [s]belt[/s], sorry lycra! 😉 by April… You’ll do that easily!

    1. Yes I am sure I will do it to… Then I will only have the other 4,000 miles to worry about 🙂

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