Just ordered a motorcycle helmet :)

I have just gone and spent £113.00 on a motorcycle helmet. Oppps and I don’t even own a motorbike. But I do have RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit and RST Razor Sport Boots, so the helmet was next. Maybe best not 2 ask, why I have all this gear 🙂 Lets just say it looks very sexy on the right lad! 😛

Oh yes should really tell you which one I am getting. It’s a HJC ZF-10 Karlie in Blue, to go with the rest of the gear. Getting it from sportsbikeshop.co.uk.

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  1. Wow G!!!

    That’ll look superb with the blue suit you have! 😀

    Are you getting a clear visor or a tinted visor? Or shall I wait and see? 😀

    1. I will also be getting a tinted visor, once I know the helmet is the right size for me. Then next up will be gloves in the next number of weeks 🙂 Then just need someone to get me a bike…

    1. Would love to get one…. can’t see it going down to well with my Mum. It would be a great way to pull fit lads 🙂

  2. You on a motorbike? 😮 Now that I’ve gotta see! The leathers look great on you, and then sat astride a motorbike, even better! 😛

  3. like the look of the helmet. are you going to take some photos of you with the helmet on it will look very cool. if
    you are going to I love to have a look

    Thanks from Andy

    1. SpandexLad says:
      February 16, 2011 at 3:37 am

      ” I wanna see Spiderman putting on bike gear. :O ”

      Now that would FUN & Interesting ! 😉

        1. Might be easier than putting it on over the wetsuit Gordon. Can’t wait to see you in the whole outfit! 🙂

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