Dream Boy and other gay films…

I now have my very own copy of Dream Boy, which I rented from LOVEFiLM.COM last week. It was so good, I had to get my very own copy. Think the cover says it all “Like Brokeback Mountain set in high school.” it’s now been added to my list of must see gay films…

Here is my top six gay films to watch.

  1. Beautiful Thing
  2. Get Real
  3. MILK
  4. Watercolors
  5. Dream Boy
  6. Shelter

A list of other gay films can be found my about me page.

3 Replies to “Dream Boy and other gay films…”

  1. MILK…. got to be the best film that portrays the ‘gay movement’ as a documentary. It really opened my eyes as to just how things were then. To watch the interviews with the real-life friends of Harvey, was quite moving for me. The way in which those characters were portrayed, particularly Lucas Grabeel playing Danny Nicoletta, Emile Hirsch playing Cleve Jones, not forgetting Sean Penn who plays the main character. Harvey Milk. It was really spot on, magnificent!

    Watch it…twice or maybe three times. Watch the interviews after the main feature.

    1. Glad that you like it! It’s one of these films, I think you can watch again and again. Even now think he have so much to thank him for…

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