Friday – 28th January 2011

Thanks everyone for all your comments about the website so far… Hoping to make this new look website go fully live in the next week or so… Don’t worry, I will not be deleted the old website. I will just be archiving it. So you can still look at all the pages, that I don’t copy over to the new look website.

The pages I have copied over the website so far today are…

Also copied over my driving blog, which can be found at Plus added a YouTube videos widget, so can you see my latest 3 vlogs 🙂

Here are some website facts for you:-

  • 64 blog post’s far on the new look website.
  • 31 pages.
  • 54 tags.
  • 1,372 photos.
  • Browsers (IE 43.9%, Firefox 27.9%, Google chrome 9.8%)*.
  • Unique visitors: 1,991*.

* Data from 1 Jan 2011: 00:00 to 27 Jan 2011 – 03:56 GMT.

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