Wednesday – 13th October 2010

Not really done much at all. I was really hoping to get out a one last cycle, before the drive back to England tomorrow. But it was so, cold I soon changed my mind. Think it was like 8C here in Killearn at the most. They was also lots of fog about, so made it feel even colder. Then I did get in two very good cycles, did a total of 56 miles, so I guess it’s not all bad. Also the cycles up here are so much better than the ones I do in England, so many more things to look at it! And some killer hills to cycle up 🙂

Anyway….. bed time for me!! Got a long old drive in the morning.

Monday – 11th October 2010

Today I went a great cycle from Killearn to Rowardennan on the east side in Loch Lomond. I may have lived in Killearn well over half my life, but it’s the first time I have ever cycled to Rowardennan, most times, I just cycled to Balmaha and turned back, mainly since just after Balmaha, they’re is a 15% hill to get up. Also the road just ends at Rowardennan. So it’s like cycling up a road to no where. Just got a car park for the people walking up Ben Lomond and hotel.

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