Thursday – 19th August 2010

First in some very, very boring news, I have ordered myself two new shirts for work from TOPMAN. I have no idea how I went and did it, but I some how lost one of my shirts last Saturday night. At least I have three now, so I can get away with only having to do one clothes washing a week. In total I spent £45, £20 for each shirt, then £5 for next day P&P. £5 for P&P may sound a lot, but it would have cost me more than that, to drive to Peterborough to get them by the time you take fuel and parking into account.

Now into other news, I went out another cycle. This time a longish cycle, I did 39.98 miles. Which was great, since the aim had only been to do 25 miles max. I was just in the right mood, just wanted to keep on going. I ended up cycling from my village to Grantham and back. So I also ended up on lots of roads, I had never cycled on before in my life. My average for the 39.98 mile cycle, ended up being just 13 mph. It would have been higher, it was not for the rain and wet, that started when I got to Grantham. I also had to keep stopping to look at google maps on my mobile, to work out where I was going.

Once back in from the cycle, I got all nice wet cycling gear off, put in the washing machine. had my dinner, watched lots and TV. Then updated this vlog, with what your reading right now.

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