Friday – 30th April 2010

Today was just a normal boring day in the life of Gordon. I of course went out for a cycle, but I only did 11.85 miles, for some unknowing reason I was not really in a cycling mood. So I mainly only went out, so I could say that I been out a cycle every Friday this month.

Once back from the cycle, I sorted out my lunch and eat it while watching stuff on my new Bravia 32-inch Widescreen TV.

In the evening, I was of course working at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, it was the busiest night I’ve ever done at the track. Since we had a special evening for Help for Heroes, which is a charity for the wounded in Britain’s current conflicts. No idea how much we raised, when I find out, I post about it, here. Also I think my first full week has bar supervisor has mainly gone well.

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