Saturday – 24th April 2010

Since the weather has been so great the last number of weeks, I have been out cycling just about every day. So far this month I have been 16 cycles, covering a distance of 365 miles. Total time 24:38:06 (h:m:s). Elevation Gain: 4,887 metres. Average speed: 14.8 mph. Maximum speed: 37.2 mph. So really hope that the weather stays like this good a while longer.

It was so nice today, it was the first time this year, I have been out cycling in my sexy lycra shorts. I did the Bassingthorpe loop, which covers a distance of just over 24 miles.

Once back from the cycle, I had a much needed shower. Then got ready for my second night as bar supervisor, lucky tonight was not as busy as last night.

Then after work I went out for some drinks with Andy, since it’s his late night at the track for a good while, since he’s got a new job somewhere else.

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