Friday – 23rd April 2010

Sorry that I have been so bad at updating my blog so far this year… No idea why just not been in the mood for doing it. Anyway here is today’s main news…

First of all some news on stuff that I am doing in May. In late May it’s my parents 40th wedding anniversary, so I am going to up Scotland from a number of days, to see them. Also the family is getting together to go out for a meal. So it will be Mum, Dad, my two bothers Craig and Douglas and their girlfriends. It will be a bit weird, with me being the only single one their, oh well. 40 years a hell of a long time, I still remember their 25th anniversary and thinking that was long time. So when the meal does happen, I will make sure I post a blog about it 🙂

So now onto the other main news of the day. I started my “new” job at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, as the restaurant bar supervisor. I say “new” like that I since I first did that job from last October 2007. to January 2008 ish. I only did it for that long since my boss at the time, then changed her mind and said the restaurant did not need a bar supervisor, so I went back to my old job as a bar man. Thing is since then, I have really been doing that job anyway, just not been getting paid for it. So it’s great to get the job back, still got no idea what my extra pay will be. I do really need to ask about that 🙂

I think my first night back being the bar supervisor went well. They could not have picked a busier evening for to start my new job. I am sure if, I did not do a good job of it, my boss would soon let me know!

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