Thursday – 19th October 2006

I got my car back from the garage. Where it’s been since Monday 15th October 2006. Getting it’s gear box fixed. First, I will you tell you the good news and that’s it’s running like new again. All the noises, coming from the gear box, have gone. So I can now hear, myself think again, when driving. The bad news, is much much. It cost me to get fixed. In total it cost, £920.47. £96.77 for a new clutch. £21.61 for gear oil. And wait for it… £485, to get the gear box repaired. Then on top of that, £137.09 was VAT.

£920.47 may sound like a lot. At least my wee baby, is back on the road again. The garage has done, a great job, if you ask me.

Oh before, I go. I better say, a very, very big thank-you to my Mum and Dad, for helping me pay the £920.47, to get it fixed. Where I would be, without them, I have no idea.

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