Tuesday – 10th October 2006

Today I took my car to the garage. So he (Yes HE, I am gay!! So no why, I am having a female car), could get a much needed service. It should have got it’s last service at 64,000 miles. But I was a very, very bad boy. And did not take it, to the garage, till it had done 85,018 miles. So in other words, I did just 20,018 miles, more then I really should have done.

The service, cost me £400.28. £170, for the labour. £170 for the materials. And of course, VAT which come to £59.62. The service included engine oil, oil filter, 2 front break discs, front break pads, and a lot more. I should list, everything it had done, I don’t read half of their writing.

I am happy that’s the service out of the way. But they did tell, me some very, very bad news. And that is my gear box is on it’s last legs. And will cost me a lot, to get fixed. But that’s another story, all together.

BTW: I have now done just over 31,000 miles in the car. Since I getting him, in October 2004.

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