I passed my driving test!!

I passed my driving test today! I was sure that I had failed it, before I even got out of the test centre car park. Because I was asked to do a reverse park. The first that I missed the car parking space big time. So I did it again, even the second time, I am sure that I was not in it. But I much have been, or she would have said something at the end of the test.

Then not long after leaving the centre, when I got to the first set of traffic lights, what did I do but still the car. At this point I was ready to give up!! I was more then sure that I had already failed it.

Then I had to do a reverse around a corner. Which yes you guessed it, I could not even do that one right. The first time I did it, I hit the kerb. But lucky when I did it again, I got it right.

But lucky my normal driving was not 2 bad. In total I got 10 driving faults. But I passed it, so that’s the main thing.

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