Wednesday – 2rd July 2003

When I got up, I had a shower etc as normal. Then I cut the back grass. Then I walked the dog, I think she had forgetting what it’s like to be walked, it’s the first time that she has been a walk since Sunday with the weather being so bad.

Then in the afternoon I went a cycle to Stamford and back. I got there in record time. At times I was doing 30 Mph and that was going up hill.

Then at about 6:20pm Matthew come around. We sit in and listened to some MP3s. Before going into Peterborough, to meet up with some of his friends. We all went to Pizza Hut to get food, before going to the Showcase Cinemas in Peterborough. To see X-men 2. I really enjoyed the film. I now will need to get the first X-men on DVD, because I have ever seen it.

I would like to thank Matthew for one of the best evenings, that I have had in very long time. Oh and of course his friends 2.

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