Nov 042012

Here are the first ever outdoor photos taken while wearing my Black Skeleton Glow In The Dark suit. Please post comments below :). x

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  1. very nice BUT how good is the glow in the dark 😀

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  2. Oh, its got a double zip. A distinct possibility for you to be locked in that suit! Nice pics, hope you went for a walk around town in it too!

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  3. Sweet looking suit , dumb question here, is it a full suit with legs as well. Is the skeleton print also on the back. I have a hoodie sweat suit style top similar to this of yours that fully zips over the head to create a skull as well. CAN i ask ,What you wore to the Halloween Pub / Party or work shift at work. I had suggested Tron and yes your leather cycle suit was off from the style of the Tron outfit , but I thought it might be close, even with the clouring totally wrong, I do think you would have looked “right “sex in it , and I for one would have been very excited wearing that “suit “at the pub.

    Thanks for listening

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  4. Gordon, good afternoon. Where’d you get this suit? please send me the link of the page where the net or phone and physical address of the store. Thank you.
    Contact: zxby1990 or on Facebook.

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